IoT – Internet of Things Industrial

Digitize your manufacturing and embrace INDUSTRY 4.0 technology

Direct Data Collection

From sewing machines electronics without operator involvement

All Types Of Machines

Works on any brand, any year of manufacturing, any technology

All Garmenting Processes

Cutting - Sewing - Washing / Printing - Quality Control - Packing


REAL-TIME data collection based on IoT connectivity, covering all types of workstations - Sewing, Ironing, Thread cleaning, Quality Control, Marking, Pairing, Packing. LINE BALANCING Supervisory tool to identify bottlenecks operations.

Counts all pieces executed by each operator, each operation, each line

Monitors in REAL-TIME the evolution of orders

Gives stock control inventory of an order

Calculates Operator efficiency, Line efficiency, Factory efficiency

Calculates LOST TIME and breaks it down based on reasons: Operator, Machine breakdown, Line Balancing, Others


Amazing interactive interface allowing operators to access their performance data's

Interactive Display

Provides detailed performance information to operators

Build Up Operator Awareness

Tablet display background color changes according to Operator Efficiency

Operator Trainings

Automatic training by delivering sewing operations videos directly on tablets

Technical Detail

SIZE CHARTS and sewing parameters (rpm, spi, thread & needle types)

Calculating Salaries

Salaries and bonuses are delivered on tablets


Advanced ERP interface functionality allows information to flow smoothly from existing ERP to PMS IoT, and back, delivering a REAL-TIME Shop Floor Control

API integration with existing ERP

Getting data’s and pushing back data into ERP

Android apps allowing accessing reports from tablets or smartphones



Razvan Ionele, CEO I-TEAM

Digital Apparel

Existing applications available to PMS IoT create a complete INDUSTRY 4.0 package

IE – Industrial Engineering

Complete digital Sewing Training application to manage your workforce training. Sewing operation methods videos are available on tablets; OPERATOR MATRIX SKILLS covering past 12 months; IE Training schedule for each operation

HR – Human Resources

Direct interaction with workers on HR topics. Calculation and display on tablets of salaries and bonuses

MM – Mechanical Maintenance

Monitor mechanics activity, register all spare parts usage and generate reports over machine maintenance costs and spare parts consumption

QA – Quality Assurance

Following all sewing defects by tracking the operators who generate it. Measurements are made digitally and loaded into the tablets using BAGEL – DIGITAL MEASURING SYSTEMS


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We are “scanning” the Sewing Machine activity either by connecting our software directly with the electronic of the machines (in case of new generation of machines) or through a special hardware able to “read” the machine activity

PMS IoT works on any kind of sewing machine, any brand, any age (from 20 years old machines to last generations) and any type of garmenting operation (sewing, ironing, Quality Control, manual operations)

Centralized server, process all data and create analysis. Calculate ON STANDARD EFFICIENCY, OVERALL EFICIENCY, MACHINE BREAKDOWN TIME, TOTAL QTY PRODUCED, for each operator, each line and each factory; all calculations are refreshed every minute

Android tablets connected to each machines are the interface between operators and PMS IoT software. Tablets display REAL-TIME data - OVERALL EFFICIENCY, QTY PRODUCED, QUALITY

Mounted TV SCREENS on each line are displaying line specific KPI'S. LINE BALANCING identifying bottleneck operations; LOW EFFICIENT OPERATORS are listed; OFF STANDARD TIME is displayed in REAL-TIME, QUALITY ASSURANCE performance is calculated

Coloured tablet display create awareness to operators over their performance. REAL-TIME LINE BALANCING with coloured operation bars creates awareness for Line Supervisors for the line bottlenecks. REAL-TIME OFF STANDARD TIME create awareness over the LOST TIME